Thanks September!

sept wrap 2015 September with Big Blue Door is almost at an end. We had a great month officially kicking off our fourth season and getting ready for the year ahead, but it’s time to wrap it up and get ready for the biggest October ever!

On September 4th we played First Fridays at McGuffey Art Center with a special presentation of OK Stupid! Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod’s plus guests Max Hoecker and myself offered a fun and funny night of dating and romance-inspired improv.

imp1 summer Our September Improv 1 sold out. (If you’re looking for a fun, fantastic course about listening, laughing, and enjoying performance, consider our October Improv 1.)

harold night 3
Big Blue Door’s fall performance ensembles debuted on Thursday, September 17th! at Cville Coffee. It was a double bill hosted by improv duo OK Stupid (with Max Hoecker and Nik Hayes joining regulars Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky) with Catawampus (Brian, Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Shawn Hirabayashi, Deborah Arenstein, Rosemarie Harper) and Dance Monkey (Nauder, Max, Debby Prum, JP Riggle, Finn Mehigan, John Lawrence, and Will May).

Our fall improv groups perform again on October 2nd as part of First Fridays at McGuffey Art Center! Be there!

What else is going on in October? Five more shows, three new classes, two new venues, the return of the Big Blue Door Jam, and much more! We’ll have a preview up soon!

big blue door 20 Thanks to everyone for performing in shows, watching shows, signing up for classes, and following us via the magic of the internet! To keep up with Big Blue Door, why not ‘Follow’ us? Just hit the button on the bottom right of our home page, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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