Thanks Prayer!

fall perf 2 Big Blue Door would like to give thanks to all forces material and immaterial that came together for a great show last night at Cville Coffee featuring OK Stupid and our fall performance groups.

4313dae7d7720b1cff2e98808e4fce818730f937 Speaking of giving thanks, Deborah Arenstein, Shawn Hirabayashi, Erik Swanson, Kirk Martini, JP Riggle, Debby Prum, and Finn Mehigan started the night performing a Harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Prayer.’


We visited story lines of prayers to heaven, prayers to hell, and misplaced funeral ashes. Plus a neighbor served on a platter.

shawn head

OK Stupid’s Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky with guest Max Hoecker performed some short scenes and a monoscene off of an audience interview that took us to a guy-heavy rural bonfire!


After intermission Big Blue Door’s fall resident ensembles each performed montages.


Brian, Max, Kirk, Deborah, and Shawn riffed on audience suggestions of ‘falafel,’ ‘caterwampus,’ ‘schmeagle,’ and ‘cellphones’ to bring us to a highly sanitary restaurant, a badly named car line, two brothers named Bill and Lee, and much more!


Our other team thinks they have a name. The Old Youngbloods adds John Lawrence to Finn, Nauder, Debby, JP, and Erik. For their montage they explored ‘Dick’ (Richard Nixon pictured above), ‘Snippet,’ ‘Congregate’ with weird English royalty scenes, Richard Nixon’s nephew, bad ransom notes, and much more.

photo by laura weisbrod

OK Stupid presented their improvised radio show with special guest Nik Hayes, who will soon be leaving us to travel the world! Big Blue Door won’t be the same without Nik, who has been part of all our performance runs!

law and order

Finally OK Stupid did a run of scenes from audience dating profiles that included Law & Order SUV, and Law & Order STD!

Cville Coffee 1301 Harris St.

Thanks to OK Stupid, our two new ensembles, and the entire staff of Cville Coffee!

big blue door 20

Our fall ensembles will return for Friday, Oct 2nd at McGuffey Art Center, Studio 20 at 7pm (More on that soon!)

But hey, you can do more than just watch shows; you can be in shows! Sign up now for Improv 1!

Our next class starts Oct 11th!

imp1 summer


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