OK Stupid Line-Up

nauder flute Big Blue Door’s OK Stupid is a show where loving men perform improv in a supportive, nurturing environment! Ladies, you’ll fall in love with the sensitive line-up for this attentive, caring show on Friday at McGuffey Art Center Studio #20.

nauder with cat Nauder Namaky is the Texas-transplant who puts the ‘sigh’ in psychology. By day he’s a researcher in clinical psych at UVa but his primary research interest is how to treat a lady with RESPECT!

brian cat Brian Weisbrod makes his living as an accountant in a local software company but the numbers he really wants to safeguard with RESPECT are the digits of your phone numbers, ladies!

max with cat Max Hoecker is a popular radio personality on 97.5 3WV but, ladies, the signals he’s chiefly broadcasting are the signals of always treating you with RESPECT!

joel with cat Joel Jones is co-director and founder of Big Blue Door but what you’ll find, ladies, is he’s most co-equal and co-evolved about directing himself to RESPECT you!

The show that turns everyone’s romantic misery into great improv comedy!
Studio #20
McGuffey Art Center
Friday, Sept 4th
Showtime 730pm

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