Thanks Imp 3 and OK Stupid!

armadillos Thanks everyone for packing the house Saturday night at Charlottesville Tango for our Double Improv Showcase!

modern kosher butchers Playing a Harold off of an audience suggestion of ‘Armadillo’ our graduating Improv 3 students–the Modern Kosher Butchers–shared a few true personal stories and then spun those stories into storylines about senior citizens watching cartoons, male interpretive dancers, tourists riding a camel, and a talk show that included a sort-of-talking placentalium. The Modern Kosher Butchers followed up with an fast-and-furious Montage from multiple audience suggestions. Kudos to graduates: Deborah Arenstein, John Lawrence, Will May, Larry Goldstein, J. Ryan, Melissa Wender, and Rosemarie Harper. We hope to see more of them in the fall performance run!

okstupid OK Stupid finished the evening with their own special brand of insanity. Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky, and Max Hoecker presented a four-part exegesis of romantic failure including monoscenes, audience interviews, their fake radio show, and a montage. Thanks to Larry Goldstein for joining them for the radio show!

OK Stupid next appears this Friday, Sept 4th, 730pm in Studio #20 at McGuffey Art Center! Only $5.


Special thanks to Charlottesville Tango for coming through for us at the last minute by providing a wonderful space.

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