Thanks Maya!

Maya We never had a chance to thank everyone for a terrific Harold Run this summer with teams Plan A and Mogli Mogli de Brogli!

harold crozet Kudos to Rosemarie Harper, Nik Hayes, Kirk Martini, Deborah Prum, JP Riggle, Brian Weisbrod, Max Hoecker, Nauder Namaky, Jessica Pascoal, and Erik Swanson for the great times and great shows. A special bittersweet farewell kudos to Maya Hislop. Maya has been a mainstay of Big Blue Door shows or over a year. She’s performed the original Lady Pills, Smallprov, Hotdog Water, and Plan A! Now she’s heading off to Los Angeles for further life adventures! Hopefully she’ll return to visit and perform with us again! Meanwhile we wish her broken legs in all her theatrical endeavors and best of luck in everything else!

Maya 1

It’s hardest to be the one left behind but Big Blue Door kicks off our fourth season soon, including our newest round of improv classes, and our final summer performances, including OK Stupid this Thursday, August 20th at Cville Coffee!

We’ll have more improv pics up soon!


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