Thanks Chaos and Evolution!

matthew A belated thanks to everyone for a fabulous Harold Night last Thursday at Cville Coffee featuring Big Blue Door resident summer improv ensembles Mogli Mogli de Brogli and Plan A performing harolds, a montage, and more.

chaos Mogli Mogli de Brogli (Rose Harper, Nik Hayes, Kirk Martini, Deborah Prum, JP Riggle, and Brian Weisbrod) opened with a set inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Chaos!” We met prisoners haunted by baby rattles, gatorade-stealing marathon runners, and a renegade zombie who liked liver more than brains!

zombie “Livers!”

diane at quick mart Plan A (Maya Hislop, Max Hoecker, Nauder Namaky, Jessica Pascoal, and Erik Swanson) launched their set inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Evolution!’ We heard rumors of the evolution-believing, possibly-promiscuous Diane at the Shop Mart, visited the smart set of Planet of the Monkeys, and met a man who could reach through his friends!

man reaching thru man “Whoa dude, it’s like we’re all connected!”

Matthew McConaughey even arrived to participate in an Anti-defamation of Texas meeting (with his shirt off!).

mushrooms Both teams joined together to perform a montage of scenes featuring multiple suggestions, the first of which was ‘Chanterelle.’ One of our improvisers actually knew what that was! Other suggestions included ‘Pizza,’ ‘Secrets,’ and ‘Cannibalistic.’ We had Little Caesar ad meetings, sashaying contests, Secret Service agents, feminine hygiene products for men, and another visit with Matthew McConaughey.

little caesarFinally, we had a sneak preview of OK Stupid, a great new show being put together by Big Blue Door veterans Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky. OK Stupid features all sorts of dating and relationship-related scenes, including an improvised radio show with Max Hoecker sitting it, and material coming from anonymous ‘dating profiles’ filled out by audience members before the show! It was a great time. Of course Matthew McConaughey showed up again!

ok stuipd

Thanks everyone for coming out and be sure to check out Big Blue Door’s next improv show this Saturday at 730pm at Mudhouse in Crozet. And it’s free!

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