Thanks ‘Apple’ and ‘Cheese!’

Oompahband-BlueBarons-1 Thanks everyone for a great Harold Preview last night at McGuffey Art Center, Studio #11 as the first taste in our upcoming summer Harold Run!

Rosemarie Harper, Nik Hayes, Maya Hislop, Max Hoecker, Kirk Martini, Nauder Namaky, Jess Pascoal, Debby Prum, JP Riggle, Erik Swanson, and Brian Weisbrod presented two Harolds based on audience suggestions of ‘Apple’ and ‘Cheese.’ Yes, two food suggestions that led to hearty meals of comic goodness!

food-network-stars In the first Harold we met a nascent oompah band, up and coming Food Network Stars, and a man who borrows his brother’s clothes because he’s gained weight. Plus we caught a glimpse of Jurassic-era paleo diets.


The second Harold featured professional cow and chicken monitors, Swiss cheese scientists, an evil German plot, lactose intolerant dating, plus Detective Cheese, who may have never solved a crime. All brought to you by Saullery, the only sausage made completely of cellery!

cow monitor

After the harolds all the performers presented a Montage off of audience suggestions of ‘Fish,’ ‘Subway,’ and ‘Clock.’ We went on a fishing trip, met Milos, ate Philly steak sushi, saw indy film clips from the NY Film Festival, met a confident biographer, went to sea in a submarine run on town hall principles, took some HR seminars, and found new employment for a famous hunchback.


And that was all just the preview! Come join us this Thursday, June 18th when the summer Harold Run officially gets underway at C’ville Coffee at 7pm with our summer improvisers divided into two brand new teams!

Only $5!

Don’t miss it!



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