june June at Big Blue Door is like taking off a couple weeks to enjoy frosty and delicious summer cocktails. In more ways than one, because half of the month is filled with frosty and delicious shows for your delectation, and the other half of the month Big Blue Door will be taking off so that the co-directors can move across town and participate in a playwright’s workshop in the Valley. Plus we’ll be preparing for a gargantuan July featuring more improv, the return of the Big Blue Door Jam to celebrate our third birthday, and Big Blue Door’s first ever book!

harold night2 Harold Night is back for a summer run, and not a moment too soon! Those who saw Harold Night last winter will want to see how it’s evolved, and those who have yet seen a Harold Night will need to find out what it is. So come check out Big Blue Door’s two newest resident improv teams made up of steely veterans from past teams mixed with vigorous newcomers. They’ll assay the original and still most popular of longform improv styles. (Called The Harold, from whence comes the name ‘Harold Night’) We’ll have a preview on Saturday, June 13th at McGuffey Art Center and officially unveil the new teams on Thursday, June 18th at Cville Coffee!

The Placeholders from left to right: Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Erik Swanson, Nik Hayes, Max Hoecker, Maya Hislop, Brian Weisbrod, and Nauder Namaky

Harold Night: Preview
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 11
Saturday, June 13th

debby at bon

Big Blue Door Harold Night
Cville Coffee
Thursday, June 18th

moving-2 Then it’s time to move, which means a week with almost no Big Blue Door!

soundboard 4 We say almost no Big Blue Door because our sonorous friends of local radio, FM 91.1 WTJU, will be presenting stories on every Friday edition of Soundboard recorded by Big Blue Door storytellers at our live shows.

breaking news We’ll also have lots of announcements about our third birthday, our summer improv run, an upcoming Improv 3 class, the theme for our July Big Blue Door Jam, and information about our upcoming book and how you can be part of it!


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