May Wrap!

may wrap Thanks everyone for making May wonderful here at Big Blue Door! We saw the graduation of our spring classes, our first appearance at a new venue, and the culmination of our first ever Monoscene run!

monoscene 6 For our spring longform improv run Blue Door’s resident longform improv team, The Placeholders, brought a new form, called the monoscene, to Charlottesville. It’s a place-based improv form, almost like an improvised play. Congrats to Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Erik Swanson, Nik Hayes, Max Hoecker, Maya Hislop, Brian Weisbrod, and Nauder Namaky for shows in May at McGuffey Art Center on Saturday, May 9th and Cville Coffee on Thursday, May 21st.

TrophyCase_01 Thursday, May 14th, Big Blue Door presented a show in the Main Street Annex for the first time ever with a Triple Class Showcase, featuring graduates of our Telling True Stories course, plus Improv 2: Cuts & Callbacks, and Improv 3: The Harold.

vote Thanks for the nominations for Best of Cville! Big Blue Door was honored to be nominated in Best Art Classes and Best Arts Organization. I don’t know if we were nominated enough to appear on the final ballot, or how that even works, but you can vote on whatever names made the cut starting June 3rd.

soundboard 4 Friday editions of Soundboard on WTJU featured stories by Elizabeth Derby, Mickey Kampsen, and Broocks Willich recorded live at our Big Blue Door Jams.

Announcing our Upcoming Book! We did further work on our book project (More on that soon), and enrolled our summer classes (More classes coming)!

Speak-Logo Thanks to Speak (Check ’em out for all your language learning needs!), Main St Annex, and Cville Coffee! Thanks for everyone who has come out to our shows, taken our classes, and check out our website!


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