Fight Night!

fight night Hey folks, check out a really great play at Live Arts called Fight Night that runs until June 6th. It’s directed by Big Blue Door veteran improviser Larry Goldstein and as if that weren’t reason enough to see it, Fight Night is a fast, sharp, and funny take on popularity, consumer choices, image, and voting.


Larry Goldstein

Okay, the title sucks, implying a parody of wrestling or boxing or one of those spoofs that treats elections as battles between candidates. At times Fight Night evokes American elections, but the play is much smarter, deeper, and more existential.

The contestants aren’t running for any office; they’re just brazenly trying to win the audience’s approval for the sake of winning the audience’s approval. As an audience member you are given a small electronic thingee that you use to anonymously vote for performers based on their appearance, statements, interviews, and answers to electronic surveys. At the end of each round one of the performers has to leave. As the rounds progress the format heightens and changes as performers call into question and modify the process itself.

The play takes you into your own individual process of liking people and judging people and what makes you pick someone over someone else. In some rounds I found myself voting for people I didn’t want to win just to keep them in the game. In other rounds I found myself voting for people I didn’t like because it seemed like they ‘deserved to win’ even though I knew there was nothing at stake. In some rounds I liked candidates who seemed to think like me; in other rounds candidates who seemed to think like me irritated me.

It’s all great stuff packed into 90 minutes!

Shows run till June 6th. Get tickets online at or call Live Arts at 434-977-4177.

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