Thanks Emergency Surgery & Airport Lounge!

monoscene 7 Thanks everyone for a great final show of our Monoscene run with The Placeholders last Thursday night at Cville Coffee!

pool noodle

The Placeholders started out with a form called a harold, based on an audience suggestion of ‘Pool Noodle,’ and exploring scenes about a hipster-mac-and-cheese restaurant diving into radio advertising, a boyfriend first meeting his girlfriend’s Icelandic mother, and two friends, one of whom often mispronounces restaurant items.

mac and cheese

The first monoscene was based the suggestion “Emergency Surgery” and featured a hot doctor who was the face of the franchise and another doctor who did all the work, plus nurses, a receptionist, and a family who struggles with steak knives.

hot doctor

The second monoscene came from the audience suggestion of “Airport Lounge,” as the Placeholders layered up overheard conversations, security breaches, and a couple who never quite get off the ground!

Chairs in airport

Finally, the Placeholders finished up the show with a montage off multiple audience suggestions of “Blue Light,” “Jaws,” and “Daddy One/Won.” We met a giant anaconda that had been in an accident, a couple living in a basement, and the Ambiguous Accent Advertising Agency.

parents basement

That wraps up Big Blue Door’s spring Monoscene run. Next we launch our summer Harold Run, featuring two improv teams performing at venues throughout the Charlottesville area, including the next Improv Night at Cville Coffee on Thursday, June 18th!

Do you want to get in on the fun? Our next Improv 1 class begins Tuesday, May 26th! Still time to sign up!

imp1 summer


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