Thanks 3xShow!

IMG_1846 Thanks everyone for a great Triple Class Showcase last night at Main Street Annex! Big Blue Door’s spring classes graduated in style with multiple true stories and improv sets, and more than twenty different students sharing the comedy and truth!


card hand Our 3xShowcase began with a winning hand of storytelling featuring the graduates of Big Blue Door’s spring Telling True Stories class. Jason Megill, Melissa Wender, Jonathan Krapko, Vince Shuali, Charlie Gilliam John McAllister, and Leo Connally took us from the Midwest to the Middle East. We ran races, played cards professionally, went on an awkward date, became an Eagle Scout, and even shopped unexpectedly at Wal-Mart with a broken down car!

We’ll be running another Telling True Stories class later in the summer, probably starting in late July. Email if you’d like to be alerted when the details are settled.

By the way check out John McAllister’s Bridge Documentary that he mentioned in his story! He’s looking for a title, so creative types get on it…

No sugar

Next in the evening the Nematodes, our excellent Improv 2 class, didn’t need sugar to sparkle. They rocked a set featuring a form called the Living room, which launches scenes out of stories, and a Montage, which works off a series of single word audience suggestions. Deborah Arenstein, Bram Crowe-Gentry, Nik Hayes, John Lawrence, Will May, Jenny Mead, and Emily Smith took us on a morally superior date, tried to get rid of a tenth child’s imaginary friend, and hunted small dragons.

Our next summer Improv 1 starts in just a couple weeks so sign up now!


Our veteran Improv 3 graduates, the Wheelies, headlined the evening, revealing the secrets of the Harold (The original and most popular longform improv) and a final Montage. Helen Anderson, Rosemarie Harper, Shawn Hirabayashi, Jason Megill, Finn Mehigan, Jessica Pascoal, JP Riggle, Catherine Tillman, and Melissa Wender took us to a bowling alley, a self-help rally, and a meeting with the mysterious Toeach. While Charlottesville bids a sad farewell to Catherine who’ll be moving to Athens, Georgia, soon, you’ll see the other Wheelies soon on our Big Blue Door performance ensembles.

Did we mention that our summer Improv 1 starts in just a couple weeks? We had to mention it again in the hopes that you will sign up now and get started in improv!

Thanks to all our wonderful students for making spring classes so successful! Thanks to the audience for coming out, Jeyon and all the folks at Main Street Annex, and Speak Language Center for giving us a place for our weekly classes!

monoscene 6

Next Thursday, May 21st, come to Cville Coffee for the last event of Big Blue Door’s spring season, the final Monoscene show. It’s location-based comedy presented by the Placeholders. 7pm. Only $5.

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