Thanks Mauna Kea, Secret Tribunal and More!

ACAC-Rooftop-Pool Thanks everyone for a great Monoscene show Saturday night at McGuffey Art Center, Studio #11 with the Placeholders!


Larry Goldstein, Nik Hayes, Maya Hislop, Max Hoecker, Nauder Namaky, Erik Swanson and Brian Weisbrod presented a location-based show of multiple forms and styles!


The Placeholders started by asking the audience the strangest place they’d ever been and hearing ‘Atop Mauna Kea,’ the mountain in Hawaii. The Placeholders used this to launch into a ‘harold’ with story lines about food rhyming and Sesame Street restaurant staff, electric ukelele, and a very forgetful boyfriend.


After warming up on the Harold the Placeholders performed the first monoscene, a form like an improvised play with the entire show set in one location. The audience suggestion was Wendy’s, and the performers did everyone’s favorite fast food joint justice (OK, Chipotle is better but then the lines are longer too!). We met a fry cook who abandons his station in wage negotiations with his friend-boss, a divorced dad out with dating-curious child, two counter workers who take too many smoke breaks, and a federal mole with a badge to prove it.

wendys interior

The second monoscene suggestion was ‘Secret Tribunal,’ and The Placeholders brought us to a vaguely British judicial proceeding involving iced tea as torture and an accused criminal who can’t confess enough.


The Placeholders finished up the night with a quick montage of scenes from audience suggestions of their favorite places. We visited a mom’s living room (or was it a grandmother’s?), the rooftop pool of ACAC, and a sauna!

grandma's living room

Thanks to Estela, Dave, and Lillie for letting us use Studio #11, thanks to Shawn at the door, and thanks to our audience for coming out!

The next Big Blue Door show is our Triple Class Showcase this Thursday at Main Street Annex!

bbd triple class showcase

The Placeholders return the week after for the last show of their spring Monoscene Run will be Big Blue Door: Improv Night on Thursday, May 21st at Cville Coffee (7pm). Don’t forget! In June Big Blue Door will be back with another Harold run!


By the way if you’d like to get in on the fun, Big Blue Door’s fun and fabulous Improv I course starts in a couple of weeks! It’s Charlottesville’s only longform improv program. Nothing you can do this summer could be more fun. Absolutely nothing. Don’t even try to think of something. So sign up!

imp1 summer

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