The Second City

second-city-alumni-edit1 Tonight one of the touring companies of The Second City out of Chicago is coming to the Paramount in Charlottesville. Their touring companies usually perform a solid mix of sketches from past Chicago stage shows with original improvised segments.

Melissa Wender, a Big Blue Door veteran, passed along this Guardian article about a Second City class in London. But you don’t have to go to London to learn improv comedy. Big Blue Door has a new summer Improv 1 running on Tuesday evenings starting in just a few weeks! Click on the link to sign up!


You can see Melissa and her class of improvisers perform what you’d be learning one week from tonight, Thursday, May 14th, as part of our triple class graduation showcase at the Main Street Annex! (And it’s free.)

bbd triple class showcase

Maya Hislop from Big Blue Door’s resident improv ensemble, The Placeholders, passed along this video of a Second City performance in Chicago featuring people who have since become famous and/or successful. Videos of live shows don’t have the best lighting and they don’t have all the cool cuts and close-ups that are part of the fun of movies, but it’s still a cool show, especially if you’re old enough to remember that PBS show, Connections.

second city stage

By the way, you can see Maya and The Placeholders presenting the form they’re currently working on, The Monoscene, this Saturday at McGuffey Art Center.

monoscene 6

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