What’s Longform Improv Again?

What’s a longform improv show like? Improv is hard to film because no one knows exactly where the cameras need to point or how long scenes will last. But a longform improv group called The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB for short) who founded their own theaters in New York and L.A. tried to put together a teevee version of their live weekly show called ASSSCAT. Maybe they were shopping it for a network to pick up, and none did, but it’s on youtube. The cuts are a little weird in places and not all the comedy works but it gives you a sense of what a longform improv show is like.

Want to see longform improv comedy close up? By the oddest coincidence Big Blue Door, Charlottesville’s only longform improv comedy group, just happens to be putting on a show with our resident company, the Placeholders, on Saturday, May 9th at McGuffey Art Center.

Big Blue Door: The Monoscene
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 11
Saturday, May 9th
$5 (cash at the door only)
Show starts at 8pm!


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