Announcing Our Upcoming Big Blue Book!

Announcing our Upcoming Book! This post is NOT the actual announcement of Big Blue Door‘s awesome upcoming book of Big Blue Door stories from our Big Blue Door Jams and Slams!

This post is NOT the announcement of when that book will be announced and all the fascinating details of what it will be, how it will look, or what it will be called!

This post is NOT YET the call for submissions from our Jam and Slam storytellers to send written drafts of the stories they have shared in our past shows.

This post is NOT EVEN the announcement of the start of launching of Big Blue Door’s publishing venture that will make the book possible, nor the people who will make the publishing venture possible, nor the start of the fundraising campaign that will make those people’s time possible, nor the upcoming RETURN OF THE BIG BLUE DOOR JAM to make the fundraising possible.

This post is just to mention it all will start happening in the weeks ahead, and we were too excited not to post SOMETHING.

So follow us on our front page and you’ll get regular updates of all that, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook and you’ll be more likely to be part of our Facebook feed, or just check back here regularly.

bbd the book

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