Monoscene Friday at PVCC!

monoscene 4 FINAL FRIDAYS AT PVCC Big Blue Door’s resident improv ensemble, The Placeholders, is proud to be performing this Friday as part of PVCC’s Final Fridays Improv Night! Final Fridays Improv Night PVCC Friday, April 24th 7:30pm Maxwell Theatre (Black Box) Free! The Maxwell Theatre is part of the Dickinson Building which is further down the road that winds past the main building of PVCC. Our resident improv team, The Placeholders, (Larry Goldstein, Nik Hayes, Maya Hislop, Max Hoecker, Kirk Martini, Nauder Namaky, Erik Swanson, and Brian Weisbrod) will be joining PVCC’s regular improv group. The Placeholders perform a location-inspired improv style called Monoscene at the Maxwell Theatre as part of PVCC‘s regular monthly improv show, Final Fridays. PVCC’s improvisers will be opening the night with a slate of short form pieces. It should be a great night with a great mix! Also it’s free. placeholders

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