Thanks Swimming Pool, Barber Shop, and Platypus!

placeholders Thanks to Cville Coffee, our brand new improv ensemble, The Placeholders, and our audience for coming out to our monoscene premiere show Thursday night!

Larry Goldstein, Nik Hayes, Maya Hislop, Max Hoecker, Kirk Martini, Nauder Namaky, Erik Swanson, and Brian Weisbrod presented two Monoscenes, a Harold, and a Montage based on audience suggestions!

main_safety The Placeholders started with a short ‘Monoscene’ (An improv set based on a single location.) inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Swimming Pool’ featuring a lifeguard, his brother-in-law, and two swimmers, one of which was recently struck by lightening.

shaq The second set was based on the audience suggestion of ‘Barber Shop’ and included a barber who hated Obamacare, a man who agreed to shave his head to be like Shaq, or maybe Samuel Jackson, and a visit from the president himself!

obama haircut

After intermission the Placeholders returned with a Harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Platypus!’ We heard true stories about Muscovy Ducks, refugees from Moscow, Spanish Teachers inspiring juvenile snickers, and teachers being harassed and terrorized! The storylines featured dress-up pool brothels, the bad luck of being stuck in a war, rock lyrics in Latin, and much more!

tacky pool


latin teacher

The Placeholders finished out the night with a quick Montage  featuring audience suggestions of ‘Pineapple,’ ‘Barbed Wire,’ and ‘Intrepid.’ Highlights included a sexy message from the American Pineapple Council, a man wrapping barbed wire around his own head, and the discovery of a mountain that’s already inhabited!


flags on mtn

Pictures coming soon!

The Placeholders next appear Friday, April 24th, as part of PVCC’s monthly Final Fridays Improv Night!

Final Fridays Improv Night
Friday, April 24th
Maxwell Theatre (Black Box)Free!


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