Happy 10th Anniversary!

images2 Congratulations to our Alma  Mater, the Magnet Theater in New York City for their Tenth Anniversary this week!

Congrats to Armando Diaz, Ed Herbtsman, Alex Marino, Megan Gray, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Rick Andrews, and all the excellent teachers, administrators, performers, students, and alums!

Jen and I were involved in a number of excellent theatrical institutions during our stay in the city (including Third Man, UCB, The PIT, FringeNYC, and the Firehouse, among others), but it was Magnet that really gave us the training and support to get Big Blue Door off the ground. It’s truly an amazing place with inspiring, vibrant classes; brilliant, dedicated teachers; and innovative, groundbreaking shows.

A few of the many excellent Magnet shows that I would recommend for those visiting the city include The Friday Show, Kiss Punch Poem, and Trike!

Thanks to the Magnet for existing and good luck in the next decade!

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