Thanks Just Friends Probably!

sweater vest Thanks to Cville Coffee, our fabulous performers, and our audience for coming out to a wonderful improv show last night! Our Improv 1 and Improv 2 classes had their graduation showcases and our house players finished their winter Harold Run!

First up, Tractor Rapper, the graduates of our winter Improv 1 class (Keith Breault,
Nik Hayes, Patrick Kilmer, Martyn Kyle, Jenny Mead, Mendy St. Ours, Deborah Arenstein, and Emily Smith) performed a Monolog Deconstruction inspired by the audience suggestion, “Intestines.” We saw dog fur knitting, strange animals in the freezer, birds in the fruit trees and much, much more! Tractor Rapper followed up with a Montage inspired by suggestions from the audience of “oatmeal” (Is this really steel-cut?), “octopus” (Eight cups of coffee with room for milk, please!), “obsession,” and more.


Second in the lineup, performers from our two house teams Hotdog Water and Unusual Suspects (Nik Hayes, Shawn Hirabayashi, Max Hoecker, Nauder Namaky, Erik Swanson, and Brian Weisbrod) united to play a Harold, the original and most-popular longform. Inspired by the audience suggestion of “Botox” our players spun out a tale of rock musicians in the same band with radically different popularity levels, a love triangle between a doctor, a patient, and the man who inspired the patient’s tattoo, and professors who only teach as a pair, plus we tuned in on a teevee talk show with a panelist’s family seems to have taken all the guest spots.


After intermission, Sweater Vest, the graduates of our Improv 2 course (Helen Anderson, Rose Harper, Ben Knopp, Ben Meguira, Finn Mehigan, JP Riggle, Catherine Tillman, and Melissa Wender), took the stage to present a form called the Living Room. Inspired by an audience suggestion of “Sweater” they told some strange and startling true stories and developed storylines of clothing lost in the porta potty, befuddled medical assistance, and a couple that competes in colorful sweater contests, plus blood bags thrown at the Enola Gay, and more! Sweater Vest followed up with a montage featuring audience suggestions of “Coffee,” “Kangaroo,” “Tradition,” and “Contagious.”


The Unusual Suspects/Hotdog Water team-up ended the show with a montage of their own based on audience suggestions of “Adventure,” “Paranoia,” and “May Apple.” Highlights included a support group of the extremely fearful, a sci-fi space drifter bringing gifts from Uranus, and two extremely-seasonal-food eaters who are just friends… probably.

mars rocks

We have a few pictures and short video clips that we’ll post soon!

Our spring improv classes are already underway but Writer House is sponsoring a tremendous comedy writing class that starts in April. (Check out the link!) We’re slated to launch another Improv 1 starting in June. Email for more info.

Meanwhile our next Big Blue Door Improv Nights will be Thursday, April 9th at BON, and Thursday, April 16th at Cville Coffee.


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