Thanks “Picnic” and “Scotsman”!

Empty BON Thanks everyone for a great improv show at BON last light!

hotdog water 2 Last night’s line-up for Hotdog Water (Brian Weisbrod, Debby Prum, Shawn Hirabayashi, and Max Hoecker) led off with a Harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Picnic.’ Beginning with scenes of ‘freewheeling’ cooking, a father-son moment, and a new song style from the bayou, the whole set twisted together into a love triangle, and a family saga, all with a great soundtrack.

unusual suspects 3 Host team Unusual Suspects performed the second Harold (Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Erik Swanson, Nauder Namaky, and Nik Hayes) from the audience suggestion of ‘Scotsman.’ Brother almost played board-game Dungeons and Dragons, a husband and wife debated telling their children the truth about Santa Claus, and two international friends drank together.

montage After intermission both teams combined for a Montage featuring runs of scenes from multiple audience suggestions of song lyrics that yielded scenes of crowded hippie buses, highland fishermen, the big date with Joan, eating crickets, and so much more!

IMG_1381 Thanks to BON for having us, Jen for working the door, all our performers, and everyone in the audience for coming out!

Special thanks to Nik’s parents for bringing the snacks!

Thanks to Jacob Canon for videorecording last night’s show! We’ll have some video material up soon!

The last show of our current Harold Run is next Thursday, March 19th at Cville Coffee as part of our Triple Improv Night. Both teams will combine together for that show, plus we’ll have graduates of our Big Blue Door winter Improv 1 & Improv 2. Our next improv performance series will feature a form called Monoscene (Single location with characters entering and leaving like a play). We don’t know what we’ll call the shows but they’ll start in April.

Meanwhile Big Blue Door will be part of the Maker’s Series tonight!


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