Door Slam Line Up!

door slam This Thursday, Jan 15th, it’s the fifth biannual Big Blue Door Slam at BON! Our Big Blue Door Slam invites top vote-getters from our monthly Big Blue Door Jams to compete for the title of Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer hosted by three-time Grand Slammer Yousaf Sajid!

elizabeth derby Elizabeth Derby is a copywriter and communications coach for creative business owners. If you want to learn how to attract clients with storytelling–and sound like a hero in the process–talk to her after the show.

emily kilroy Emily Kilroy has never told a true story twice in the same bar, but hopes to some day.

raennah lorne Raennah Lorne is a wannabe novelist and crazy cat lady with half a novel and only one cat.

lauren ballback Lauren Ballback lives and works downtown as she readies herself for law school. From Maine originally (as evidenced by the fact that Virginia’s Lee-Jackson-King day baffles me), she prefers to hibernate in the winter.

tom-clay Tom Clay is a writer who works by day at Innisfree Village.

laura ingles Laura Ingles is a writer, a runner, and a girl scout leader who grew up in North Carolina. She went to Virginia Tech, but loves Charlottesville anyway.

lewis Lewis Reining spends most days, and some nights, working at the community radio station WTJU. Lately, in his free time, he’s spent it reconnecting with his inner geek, designing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for friends.

clare terni Clare Terni lectures at James Madison University.  Her professorial superpower is bitchy resting face.

Don’t miss the Big Blue Door Slam at BON!


Big Blue Door Slam
Thursday, 1/15
Doors @7pm
Stories @8pm
$7 (Tickets only at door)

100 W South St.


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