Harold Run!

harold run 2 Charlottesville loves running, but the town has never seen a run like this! It’s a Harold Run featuring graduates of Big Blue Door‘s improv program performing the original and most popular longform style, The Harold!

What is this Harold of which we speak and how does it work? Basically, the performers take an audience suggestion, generate several storylines by initiating scenes, weave back and forth between the storylines with group scenes interspersed, and then pull it all together at the end, sometimes returning to the original suggestion. It’s fun, it’s funny, and at its best it’s truthful about these strange things around us we call society, life, and the universe. Longform improv features characters and relationships, great original comedy, and it’s entirely 100% created brand-new from scratch on stage in front of the audience every single time.

But don’t take our word for it, come check it out yourself! Tickets are only $5 and Big Blue Door will be bringing performances to some of the finest entertainment emporia in the area!

Saturday, Jan 31 BON
Thursday, Feb 12 BON
Thursday, Feb 19 C’ville Coffee
Saturday, Feb 28 Mudhouse in Crozet
Thursday, Mar 12 BON
Thursday, Mar 19 C’ville Coffee

Showtimes and lineup coming soon!

Meanwhile, you don’t have to be a spectator. Check our out improv classes!

All of our improv students not only can see Big Blue Door shows for free, but will also receive the hidden key to the identities of the seven Harolds in the picture. Now that’s a deal!

who are the harolds

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