Practical Improv

bbd improv not like this Longform improv comedy isn’t just fun, energizing, and interesting. It might also be practical, at least according to L.A. improv teacher Will Hines. The three practical skills that Hines cites in the link that are most clear to me are: (1) Listening. Improvisers vastly improve their listening skills from the very first session of the very first class. (2) Becoming more aware of unique tastes and opinions. Students are often surprised by how interesting and unique they discover themselves to be. (3) Courage. Improv is a relatively stress-free way of building confidence and bravery.

Speaking of practical, here’s some cool pajamas given to me by Led Zeppelin Pajama Party, the awesome Improv 1 class that’s starting Improv 2 this Sunday.


Thanks to Helen Anderson, Rosemarie Harper, Shannon Jones, John Lawrence,  Will May, Jessica Pascoal, “Ryan” J. Ryan, Catherine Tillman, and Melissa Wender!

Why don’t you start improv Sunday too?




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