rr03 Hey folks, Debby Prum, one of the members of our resident improv team, The Lady Pills, was just named in a ‘Best of’ list right behind John Grisham and Rita Mae Brown for local authors by the Charlottesville Welcome Book.* Check out Debby’s essay collection, First Kiss and Other Cautionary Tales.

Speaking of writing, the Atlantic recently featured an assemblage of writing advice by various authors. Why not spend your off-the-job down time this week getting ready to write something this year by psyching yourself up with free advice?!

Why bother to write, you say? Why even bother to read? What good does any art do in this tormented world? Personally, we think people like art because it’s in the nature of people to like art, and no further justification is necessary. But if you’re a reader of books who needs or likes to feel superior to the ignorami who don’t read books, you’ll be delighted to learn that there’s some research to back you up!

So resolve to write a book this year, or at least read one!


*Unfortunately, while we hope Charlottesville is indeed welcoming, the Charlottesville Welcome Book’s website is not very welcoming. At least you can’t search it so you’ll have to take our word for the existence of this ‘Best of’ list.


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