Nov 20th Door Jam Lineup!

nov marquee The Big Blue Door Jam returns to C’ville Coffee on Thursday, November 20th with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘School Daze.’ True stories about school, schools, teaching, and learning!


nov jam 2

Note that showtime is EARLY: 7pm!

School Daze
Thursday, Nov 20th

C’ville Coffee
7pm $5

Hosted by Joel Jones and Yousaf Sajid

maggie thornton

Veteran Maggie Thornton (and CHS school teacher!) stepped in as a last-minute replacement!

erin kennedy

Erin Kennedy is a recent UVA grad who took the TTS class this summer.  She has been a perpetual student all her life, but also has experiences as a cook, butcher, and artist.

lauren ballback

Lauren Ballback was born and raised in a small town in Maine, the middle child in a very Irish, very catholic household, aka a therapist’s dream. She peaked in elementary school when she starred in both the third grade and fifth grade productions as Molly Pitcher and James G. Blaine* respectively.  She has worked at a newspaper, been a nanny in New York City, done research on terrorism in Israel, been a grad student in a PhD program at UVA, and now works as paralegal downtown.

peter malcolm

Peter Malcolm is a father, a husband, a coder, a tinkerer, and a recovering academic, originally from southern California

Kelly Kroese

Kelly Kroese is a librarian at Charlottesville High School.

ruth walkup

Ruth Walkup is a cultural anthropologist fascinated by the role of story in social life.  She was born and grew up in Zaire – the country now called ‘The Congo’ — as the child of medical missionaries.  After serving in the US and overseas with the US government, she is now a self-employed organizational development consultant and executive coach.



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