BBD’s Improv Program

IMG_2976 What is longform improv? The best thing since…


Longform improv is an incredibly fun, smart, and effective training in building scenes out of anything. It’s the training of most of the performers and directors on programs like The Colbert Report, Saturday Night Life, Portlandia, 30 Rock, The Daily Show as well as sketch comedy shows, sitcoms, movies, and everything in between. The longform improv comedy schools of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York are the most dynamic generators of new ideas, performance styles, and techniques in the theaterical world.

Big Blue Door brings longform improv training to Charlottesville! (Ours is the only longform training program in Central Virginia.)

  • We offer three classes on technique, Improv 1, Improv 2, and Improv 3. Each class is fun, interesting, and great on its own and students are under no obligation to take multiple classes.
  • Graduates of all three levels can join teams for regular runs of shows! Big Blue Door offers show runs throughout the year so graduates can perform when their schedules allow.
  • All students, whether they take higher levels or not, will benefit in confidence, spontaneity, wit, courage, and joy.

BIG BLUE DOOR’S LAST IMPROV 1 OF 2014 STARTS TUESDAY, OCT 14TH! This is the last Improv 1 for students who wish to be eligible for performance groups this season!

Level 1: Character & Scene

This introduction to Longform Improv will teach you how to build an original show of life-filled characters and spontaneous, hilarious scenes. In eight weeks of exercises, games, and a final class performance you’ll learn how to play fearlessly with other smart people in focused abandon; how to draw inspiration from almost anything; and how to find what’s funny and compelling in real human emotions, quirks, and experiences! Whether you’re interested in longform improv, curious about how comedy works, or just looking to have fun this is one of the best classes you’ll ever take! $145.

Are you interested? Sign up here.

For info on our Improv 2 and Improv 3 classes go here.

If you have questions about our improv classes, forms, and curriculum email


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