Sept Wrap

sept wrap Thanks everyone, for getting September, the first month of Big Blue Door’s first season off to a great start!


We had our first Big Blue Door Jam of the year at C’ville Coffee on Thursday, Sept 18th featuring true stories inspired by the theme of Strangers In a Strange Land. Inspired is a good word for it, too, for it was a tremendous collection of the beautiful, funny, interesting, scary, and sad by Ken Jackson, Joanne Breault, Joni Michelle, Elizabeth Derby, Laura Ingles, Clare Terni, and Broocks Willich.

cville coffee

Our next Big Blue Door Jam will be on Thursday, October 16th at C’ville Coffee. Note that the fall Jams will be at 7:30pm.

In addition to true stories, Big Blue Door launched a new improv performance series featuring Smallprov, extended scenes with teams and trios of performers. The shows are on Monday evenings at McGuffey Art Center and feature Brian Weisbord, Jennifer Slate, Debby Prum, Nauder Namaky, Nik Hayes, Maya Hislop, and Larry Goldstein.


Our final Smallprov show at McGuffey will be this Monday, Oct 6th, 9pm upstairs in Studio 20. Use the South side door.


McGuffey was also the home of two of our fall classes that began in September, an Improv 1 and an Improv 3. We have one more improv class this fall. It starts on Tuesday, Oct 14th.

improv plate

I also had the chance to teach a Sketch Workshop at Writer House in September. It was a blast to meet some new students and reconnect with some former students. I’ll be teaching one more Sketch Workshop this fall, through Live Arts in November.


Thanks to Lewis Reining and all the folks at Soundboard for running stories by Yousaf Sajid, Marty Moore, Graelyn Brashear, and Clare Terni on WTJU

.D L52

Special thanks to Sean McCord, our September Jam producer, and Estela Knott, Luminaria, Chihamba, and all the folks at McGuffey Art Center for the warm welcome!

Finally, thanks to all of you for performing in our shows, watching our shows, taking our classes, and helping us out in so many ways! Why not ‘Like’ us on Facebook or ‘Follow’ us on this blog’s front page?

We’ll see you all in October!



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