Thanks Strangers!

septjam2014Wonderful Big Blue Door Jam last night at C’ville Coffee to start off our third season with one of our best-ever slate of true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Strangers in a Strange Land!’

Newcomers Ken Jackson, Joanne Breault, and Joni Michelle joined veterans Elizabeth Derby, Laura Ingles, Clare Terni, and Broocks Willich to bring us great stories of strange cultures here and abroad, and of feeling strange wherever you are. We visited Jordan, India, Istanbul, and even Philadelphia! We mixed opiates with gin, we hid in a hospital, and we had our pictures taken in a creepy basement!

At the end of the night he coveted Big Blue Door Jam Jam was won by Elizabeth Derby!

Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams of Team Playwrights Lab Rats, Team Small Green Gate Dot O. R. G., and Team Bring It On.

Thanks to our producer Sean McCord, Lewis Reining on sound, April Muniz taking pictures, Nauder at the door, and our official volunteer timekeeper, Tom!

Thursday, Oct 16th we’ll be back at C’ville Coffee for true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Shadows & Light.’ The October show will be produced by Brian Weisbrod and mc’d by Graelyn Brashear.

Note that the Oct 16th Jam and all the rest of the 2014 Jams will be at 7:30pm rather than 8pm!

Would you like to tell a story at Jam? Here’s how you do it!

Want to see another cool show that isn’t a Jam? The next three Mondays come to McGuffey Art Center to check out Smallprov!



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