Sept Door Jam Thursday!

sept marquee This Thursday, September 18th, the Big Blue Door Jam comes to C’ville Coffee with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Stranger in a Strange Land.’

Big Blue Door Jam
Thursday, September 18th
8pm-10pm $5
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St


elizabeth derby

Elizabeth Derby is free-lance writer and jack-of-all-things-literary.


Laura Ingles is a writer, a runner, and a girl scout leader who grew up in North Carolina. She went to Virginia Tech, but loves Charlottesville anyway.


Broocks Willich is a professional actor and writer currently wrapped up in a new challenge: writing a television show.


 Joni is a non practicing massage therapist, writer and budding motivational speaker.


Clare Terni is a lecturer at James Madison University, who enjoys spectating rugby, the sport of kings.


Joanna Breault is the mother of more children than you have.

This month’s Big Blue Door is hosted by producer Sean McCord and mc Joel Jones!







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