Tell a Story at a Big Blue Door Jam!

jamCharlottesville’s celebrated true stories show returns for its third year with an amazing monthly array of the funny, the moving, and the bizarre! The only thing it’s missing is you! Would you like to tell a story at a Big Blue Door Jam?

Here’s how you do it:


  • First, come to a Jam, if you haven’t already, so you know how it works.
  • Second, email and write “Sept Jam” or “Nov Jam” or whatever the month is in your subject line (so we can easily keep track of who is doing what), and in the email include:
    • 1-3 sentence bio
    • photo (if you don’t use facebook or have a facebook photo that is recognizable)
    • 1-3 sentence summary of your story.
  • Third, look over our guidelines and, if you wish, a little storytelling advice.

That’s it. Also, we ask that storytellers not tell stories in back-to-back months. Below are the themes for September, October, and November!

sept jam
Strangers in a Strange Land
Thursday, Sept 18th. Cville Coffee
True stories about travel, cultural shifts, and fitting in!

oct jam
Shadows & Light
Thursday, Oct. 16th. Cville Coffee
Our annual true Halloween stories show: ghosts, memories, & mysteries!

nov jam
School Daze
Thursday, Nov. 20th. Cville Coffee
True stories about school, learning, and growing up!

dec jam

All in the Family
Thursday, Dec 18th. Cville Coffee
True stories about kith and kin!

Questions? Concerns? Got a story?!! Email!

If you still are unsure how to go about it, or are interested in beefing up your story repertoire, Big Blue Door teaches classes in Telling True Stories. We’ll be offering a Telling True Stories class in early 2015. Email if you’re interested!




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