Door Slam Line Up!

slam banner On Saturday, June 14th, it’s the third biannual Big Blue Door Slam at BON! Our twice-yearly Big Blue Door Slams invite top vote-getters and runners-up from our monthly Big Blue Door Jams to compete for the title of Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer!*

Here are some quick bios of our fabulous line-up:

yousaf Yousaf Sajid is a graduate-turned-local who works at Madison House, a small community nonprofit.

Tom Clay

Tom Clay is a writer who works by day at Innisfree Village.

claire Clare Terni is a lecturer in anthropology at James Madison University but still sings Aerosmith tunes in the shower.


Marty Moore is a photographer, who also directs plays.

rosemarie harper

Rosemarie Harper is a Jill-of-all trades who lives in Afton, VA.

mickey kampsen

Mickey Kampsen is a professional recruiter and an amateur everything else!

Browning Porter. Browning is a sign-maker who used to run the Charlottesville Writing Center.


Don’t miss the Big Blue Door Slam at BON!


Big Blue Door Slam
Saturday, 6/14
$7 (Tickets only at door)

100 W South St.


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