IRC Benefit Tonight!


Big Blue Door is presenting a brand new show on Friday, June 20th at Cville Coffee. 8pm. That date has been declared by the U.N. as World Refugee Day, and since Charlottesville has a large refugee population we’re presenting a benefit to raise money and awareness about the amazing work of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). All the money will go to the local IRC!The IRC Benefit will include:

  • Interviews of refugees living in the Charlottesville area by Big Blue Door Jammers, Elizabeth Derby, Yousaf Sajid, Maggie Thornton, Andrea Rowland, and IRC volunteer Stephanie Lind! Transcripts of the interviews here. More about where the interview subjects came from here.
  • IRC Non-trivial Trivia Contest with the IRC’s own Katie Bercegeay!
  • Improv by Big Blue Door’s house improv team, the Lady Pills (Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, Stacey McCormick, Larry Goldstein, Nik Hayes)
  • Music by Lumnaria
  • Music by Ben-David Warner & Joe Basconi

Plus food and swag!

You can make a donation to the IRC RIGHT NOW! (That’s a link to the IRC’s donation page; Big Blue Door isn’t taking any cut or commission.)


Dave & Estella of Luminaria

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