May Wrap

may wrap Thanks everyone for being part of a wonderful May here at Big Blue Door!

For May’s Big Blue Door Jam at Woolly Mammoth veterans Browning Porter and Mickey Kampsen joined newcomers Bret Jones, Emily Kilroy, Casey Paul, Marty Moore, and Moona Cancino to share true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster.’ Thanks to host Sean McCord and producer Miller Murray Susen for closing out our 2013-2014 Jams in grand style. Pictures by April Muniz coming soon! Your favorites from the 2014 Jams will return Saturday, June 14th for the Big Blue Door Slam at BON!

may jam

Speaking of BON, the place was packed on May 19th for Harold Night, as the Lady Pills, first-ever graduates of Big Blue Door’s improv program, performed two Harolds. Brian Weisbrod, Deborah Prum, Maya Hislop, Nikolas Hayes, Tyler Frankeberg, Jennifer Slate, Jude Silveira, Stacie McCormack, and Larry Goldstein put on a great show! Congrats to our other Big Blue Door improv graduates, there-in-spirit Wes Young and Nauder Namaky too! Check out pictures of Harold Night by Martyn Kyle here!


The Lady Pills will be performing Sunday nights at the Director’s Studio in June, so there are more Harolds to come!

Soundboard 8

WTJU’s Friday editions of Soundboard (9-10 am 91.1 FM), featured recordings of Big Blue Door storytellers Tyler Frankenberg, Robert Packard, and Graelyn Brashear (twice). Thanks to soundman extraordinaire Lewis Reining for making us sound so good both live and on the dial!

Big Blue Door was also featured in a WVTF segment that ran in May. Thanks to Sandy Hausman for the feature! Follow the link to listen online.


If you haven’t gotten involved in Big Blue Door yet, what are you waiting for? Follow us here, like us on Facebook, come to a show, or take a class!


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