Lady Pills Killed It!

lady pills 2 The Lady Pills killed it tonight at Bon with two great Harolds!

The house was packed, the venue was great, and the first-ever graduates of Big Blue Door’s entire improv program brought Charlottesville’s its first-ever home-grown fully-trained longform improv!

Congrats to Brian Weisbrod, Deborah Prum, Maya Hislop, Nikolas Hayes, Tyler Frankeberg, Jennifer Slate, Jude Silveira, Stacie McCormack, and Larry Goldstein for a great show!

Other Big Blue Door improv graduates Wes Young and Nauder Namaky couldn’t be there in person but were there in spirit!

Thanks to John, Chicho, Arianna and Acela of Bon for having us!

Thanks to Martyn Kyle of Pernmoot Photography for taking pictures. We’ll have them up soon!

The Lady Pills will be performing more in June! Check back here in a week or so for details!

Our next round of Improv 1 classes start in September.

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