What is a Harold?

harold You start with a highly-trained team of performers. They ask the audience for a suggestion. Then the performers explore aspects of the suggestion using a brief exercise called an ‘opening.’ (More on that below.)

From the opening they create three different scenes developing three separate story lines, then a group scene. After the group scene they return to the three story lines. Then another group scene. Finally, back to the three story lines, this time in very fast scenes that may tie the stories together and return us to the original suggestion. That’s called a Harold, and it’s the original longform comedy improv form created by Del Close and Charna Halpern in Chicago.

It’s amazingly fun, funny, smart, and interesting, and best of all, you can see two Harolds for free Monday at Bon performed by Big Blue Door’s graduate house team, the Lady Pills.

The Lady Pills will split into two groups to perform first, a Harold developed from an opening called a Living Room, and then, a Harold developed from a Documentary (or “Doc”) Opening. Two awesome Harolds completely made up on the spot from an audience suggestion, never seen before and never to be seen again.

Be there! Show starts at 8pm.

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