Thanks Flirting with Disaster!

1982164_10152448898099439_5072014732014342209_n Thanks everyone for a fantastic Big Blue Door Jam last night at the Woolly Mammoth with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster!’ produced by Miller Murray Susen and hosted by Sean McCord! We’re especially proud that this Big Blue Door Jam had a record number of newcomers! (Do you want to tell a story at a Jam? See below.)

Veteran Browning Porter started us off with his teenage attempt at a sort of agitprop revenge that depended on one of his dad’s parties.

Newcomer Bret Jones share the comic escapades of his crumbling VW bus.

First-timer Emily Kilroy shared the near disaster of her attempt to study abroad in China.

Veteran Mickey Kampsen regaled us with the tale of a children’s hike in Pontiac, Michigan that led to bringing home a live hand grenade.

After the break newcomer Casey Paul confessed her attempts to discover if a friend’s girlfriend was a secret agent.

Newcomer Moona Cancino shared her travels in search of peace and meaning at the loss of her son’s father.

Marty Moore finished the night describing her comic terrors with a barking dog and a suspected intruder in her house!

It was one of our closest Jams ever. Congratulations to Moona for taking home the jam!

Thanks to Lewis Reining on sound! Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams, Team Wee Heavy (representing Champion Tutoring), Team The Fire Tigers (appearing next Thursday at Bon), and Team Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’-ers. Thanks also to Clare at the door! Thanks to April for taking photos! We’ll have pictures soon.

In June the top vote-getters from the winter and spring Jams will return for our Big Blue Door Slam on Saturday, June 14th at Bon!  (Yes Saturday, not Thursday!) We’ll have the Slam lineup soon. Late in the summer we’ll announce themes for our fall 2014 Jams, so check back here in August or ‘Follow’ us by hitting the button on the home page and you’ll get updates on all classes, news, and shows! That way you can sign up to tell a true story if you haven’t yet.

One sad note. As the season draws to a close it looks like we’ll be bidding farewell to Woolly Mammoth. The restaurant is up for sale, so it’s quite possible last night was our last show there. Thanks so much to Matteus and Anna for having us for the last year and a half! We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. (If you want to buy and awesome and inspiring restaurant-bar, contact Matteus. There are a lot of housing units going in over there so get in your bid while there’s still time…)



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