We’ve been working to update our ‘Who’ information page. We’ve added some of this year’s producers and hosts and we’ll add more this summer. Would you like to help with the production, direction, and management of our shows? Come to a show or take a class and talk to us. We strongly believe in mixing the roles of performer, writer, director, and producer, so everyone has the experience of wearing different hats.

jude silveira

Jude Silveira has studied improv, storytelling, and sketch writing, and performed in many Big Blue Door Jams. He’s a longtime veteran of the Charlottesville art scene, having been a manager of Foolery, a board member of Live Arts, as well as being one of the creators of Wunderkammer, Shentai, and CLAW. He’s working on the website, producing upcoming shows, and helping with our organizational structure.

Miller Murray Susen

Miller Murray Susen is self-absorbed, long-winded, and a compulsive over-sharer, so telling true stories with the Big Blue Door was a natural fit for her. She’s not saying all storytellers have these qualities; some of her best friends are storytellers. Which is part of the reason she’s been pleased and excited to move into producing and hosting BBD events too. Have you told a story yet? What are you waiting for? Contact BBD right away. We could totally be friends after.
When not confessing her secrets to strangers and urging people to laugh at her expense, she maintains a blog at where she… Confesses secrets and urges people to laugh at her expense. She’s also a lady arm wrestler with CLAW, and an actor whose favorite roles have included an evil stepsister, a rapping accountant, and a profane punk rock musician she wrote for herself. She has a lot of innate dignity.
She also cares full time for her two impressionable children, lord help them. And other people let her teach acting to their children, probably not a wise decision. And she’s recently branched out into directing plays, so look out.
sean mccord

Sean Michael McCord believes that life is like a stool: you need at least three legs for proper balance. His three legs are Work (over 20 years at UVa), Family (father of three, husband of one), and Theater (as a writer, director, producer, and sometime actor). After taking Joel’s Telling True Stories class (recommended), Sean has repeatedly stepped through the Big Blue Door as a storyteller, producer, audio engineer, and host.

Anna Jones is transplant from Western North Carolina where she inherits a long tradition of storytelling, oral history, and bawdy joke telling. She’s currently studying to be a nurse while recovering from past careers in theater and editing. Anna got involved in Big Blue Door with the summer 2013 Telling True Stories class and has gone on to perform in the Jams, Slams, and Door 2 Door. She produced the April 2014 Jam.
Graelyn Brashear is a future Mars colonist and regular Jammer who occasionally works behind the scenes at Big Blue Door. She’s a newspaperman who grew up in Albemarle County and spent 11 years in New Jersey before finding her way back to the area in 2012. She has yet to play ukelele for any Big Blue Door show.

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