May at Big Blue Door is a like a proletarian revolution!

This year at Big Blue Door we’re so excited to see new people getting more involved in everything we’re doing from taking classes to putting on shows!

Our May Big Blue Door Jam on Thursday, May 15th at Woolly Mammoth, features the usual awesome mix of true stories inspired by a theme (May’s theme is ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster’), but also features longtime storyteller Miller Murray Susen producing and longtime storyteller Sean McCord hosting! This is the third month in a row we’ve had new producers and hosts.

Speaking of new, if you haven’t done it yet, why not sign up to tell a story yourself? (We do ask that you attend a show first so you see what it’s about.)


You know what else is new? Harold Night at Bon on Monday, May 19th. It’s a free show presenting the first-ever graduate class of the entire Big Blue Door improv program, the infamous Lady Pills. They’ll be performing a couple of Harolds and who knows what else? Whether you’ve taken a class with us or not, come see what longform improv is about!

harold night

Meanwhile our friends at WTJU will be featuring new recordings of our storytellers on Friday editions of Soundboard (9-10 am 91.1 FM)!


But what is life without setbacks? We must reschedule the Plot Workshop for later in the year. The originally scheduled date, May 11th, turns out to be ‘Mother’s Day,’ which as a happy family is more important than the Plot Workshop. At least if we want to stay a happy family. We apologize to anyone with or without mothers who was planning to take the workshop.


To keep up with everything at Big Blue Door, or just to find out things like when Mother’s Day is, hit the ‘Follow Us’ button on the bottom right of our home page, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook. Everyone likes to be liked.



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