April Wrap

april wrap Thanks everyone for being part of a wonderful April here at Big Blue Door!

April’s Big Blue Door Jam at Woolly Mammoth featured true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Obsession.’ Maggie Thornton, Broocks Willich, Yousaf Sajid, Laura Ingles, Larry Goldstein, Candy Schoner, and Clare Terni shared one of our most amazing array of stories yet taking us to several continents, with danger, suffering, and even an iceberg. Anna Jones and Ray Nedzel did a tremendous job producing and hosting.


Our first ever Door to Door brought veterans of our monthly Jams on the road to tell some of their best stories. We had a great time at Four County Players with stories by Graelyn Brashear, Anna Jones, Mickie Kampsen, Jude Silveira, Elizabeth Derby, Clare Terni and myself, under the leadership of Jen.

four county players

We also continued as part of WTJU Friday editions of Soundboard (9-10 am 91.1 FM), despite a pause for their Rock Marathon. Soundboard included recordings of Big Blue Door storytellers Elizabeth Derby and Yousaf Sajid. Thanks to soundman extraordinaire Lewis Reining for making us sound so good both live and on the dial!


Our first-ever Improv 3 and this year’s second Improv 2 are both going full-throttle. Their class showcases are coming soon so you can see what they’ve been working on. We had to pull the April Improv 1, which was disappointing. We do apologize to those who signed up; we’ll make it up to you in the fall! Expect an Improv 1 on Sunday nights, plus another on Sunday afternoons! Email classes@bigbluedoor.org if you want a reminder in the fall.

harold night

If you haven’t gotten involved in Big Blue Door yet, what are you waiting for? Follow us here, like us on Facebook, come to a show, or take a class!


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