May Big Blue Door Jam


Thursday, May 15th the Big Blue Door Jam returns to Woolly Mammoth for what may be the last time with TRUE STORIES inspired by the theme of “Flirtin’ with Disaster.”

The Woolly Mammoth (nee Black Market Moto Saloon) is up for sale and that means this will probably be our last Door Jam at our longtime home-away-from-home. We’re planning to make it a doozy. Producer by Miller Murray Susen and hosted by Sean McCord, the Jam will feature true stories about disasters, natural, unnatural, real, and unreal.



Come early with a friend or two and sign up to be one volunteer teams of judges! Or maybe you have a story that fits the theme? We ask only that you’ve been to a show first to see what it’s about. Then email us at with the specific show you wish to tell a story in, your name, your phone number, a 1-3 sentence summary of your story, and a 1-3 sentence bio! (Also check out our guidelines and here’s some storytelling advice that might be useful.)


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