Thanks Obsessions!

april 2014 2Thanks everyone for a fantastic Big Blue Door Jam last night at the Woolly Mammoth with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Obsession!’ We were obsessed by what a great show was put up by producer Anna Jones, and host Ray Nedzel!

Maggie Thornton confessed her teenage obsession with the movie, Titanic, and her journalist father’s attempt to break her of the habit.

First-timer Broocks Willich shared her obsession and her trip to Mexico to buy kitchen tiles.

Veteran Yousaf Sajid regaled us with the tale of how UVa preppiness gave way to an obsession with hipsters.

Laura Ingles described her harrowing experience at Virginia Tech on the day of the famous mass killing.

We had spaces for two impromptu stories from the audience and two brave audience members stepped up to the challenge:

-Larry Goldstein shared diverse impressions and reactions from his recent (and first-ever) trip to Israel.

-Candy Schoner revealed her experiences as a Late-in-Life-Bloomer dating online.

Finally, Clare Terni told us of her family’s love of guns and how that came in handy while working as a teacher in South Africa.

It was a very tight competition. Congratulations to Maggie for bringing home the jam!

Thanks to Lewis Reining on sound! Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams, Team Thelma and Louise, Team Mud, and Team Rail Tales (who supply the materials for our keychains)! Thanks also to Tyler Frankenberg at the door, assisted by Brian & Nauder! Thanks to April Muniz taking photos! We’ll have pictures up soon. Thanks to Colin Powell for the great poster!

Thanks especially to the Woolly Mammoth where you can slate all your food, beverage, and motorcycle needs!

Our last Big Blue Door Jam of the 2013-2014 season is on May 15th with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Flirting with Diasaster.’ Will bring back highest vote-getters in June for the Big Blue Door Slam at a new time and place!

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