Plot Workshop

plot Sorry folks, we didn’t notice that May 11th is Mother’s Day. We’ll have to reschedule this. More info soon. This summer it’s time to finish the draft of that play, screenplay or novel that’s been slopping around in your head! Whether you’re a new writer looking to figure out how to structure a long narrative or an experienced writer looking for a fresh perspective, you need our one-day Plot Workshop! Sunday, May 11th.

  • We’ll treat plot more as a checklist of scenes to remember including than an artificial structure to force on your characters.
  • We’ll look at how plot relates to change.
  • We’ll examine how the beginning radically alters the emotional impact of a story’s end.
  • You’ll come away with at least one new plot outline, plus a couple of new story concepts.

You may have heard there’s only seven basic plots, or three basic plots, or eleven. Don’t believe it. But there is only one Big Blue Door Plot Workshop! Maximum 7 students.

At Director’s Studio!

Sunday, May 11th
7pm to 10pm

Email for availability.




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