april 2014 April at Big Blue Door brings not only showers of fun but flowers of awesomeness without even waiting for May! And it starts in the first week!

Saturday, April 5th we will be at Four County Players in Barboursville for our first ever road show. It’s called Big Blue Door 2 Door, and it features jam-winning stories from our monthly Jams. Graelyn Brashear, Elizabeth Derby, Claire Terni, Anna Jones, Mickey Kampsen, and Jude Silveira present our first-ever collection of audience favorites.


Sunday, April 6th improv classes begin at Live Arts. We’re offering an Improv 1 and an Improv 2. If you’re never taken longform improv now is the time. If you took Improv 1 back before we offered Improv 2, we have what you’ve been waiting for!

spring classes

Thursday, April 17th is our Big Blue Door Jam. Come out to the Woolly Mammoth to hear true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Obsession.’ And why not sign up to tell a story yourself?

Meanwhile our friends at WTJU will be featuring more recordings of our storytellers on Soundboard (9-10 am 91.1 FM), but we’re now on Fridays rather than Mondays!


To keep up with Big Blue Door, hit the ‘Follow Us’ button on the bottom right of our home page, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook. Everyone likes to be liked.

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