March Wrap

march wrap Thanks everyone for a great March here at Big Blue Door!

Our March Big Blue Door Jam featured true stories inspired by the theme of ‘The Big Show’ presented at our home-away-from-home, the Woolly Mammoth. Newcomers Tyler Frankenberg, Charlie Gilliam, Robert Packard, Lucas Gillenwater and Patsy Emmert joined veterans Miller Murray Susen, Tom Clay, and Rosemarie Harper with stories about lies, misrepresentation and showbiz. Hosted by Jennifer Jones and produced by Graelyn Brashear it was especially fantastic to hear so many new voices, and one of them, Tyler Frankeberg, won the jam jar.


Our next Big Blue Door Jam is April 17th with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Obsession.’ Do you have a true personal story that fits the theme? Come tell it at a show! Or maybe you want some inspiration before then? Come to our April 5th first-ever Big Blue Door 2 Door at Four County Players which will feature winning stories from past Jams.


Speaking of ‘the big show’ our own St Patrick Day extravaganza called Big Blue Door Unhinged was to feature three class shows, but the snow thought otherwise. We had to cancel and split the show into two. We did a combined Improv 1 and Telling True Stories show on the top floor of Live Arts on Wednesday, March 19th. It was a great show and fitting send off to two fabulous classes. Then we did the Improv 2 show on Monday, March 24th. The second show got even wackier when a fuse blew in the studio and we didn’t have access to the breaker box. No matter, our intrepid improvisers improvised, running an extension cord into a nearby hall and hooking up one light. The audience added some flashlights and a great show was heard and dimly seen by all!

Kinda Late Show

By the way if you haven’t taken Improv 1 yet, or if you took Improv 1 but haven’t yet taken Improv 2, we have classes starting April 6th. Our Sketch Writing Workshop and Improv 3 both are in session now.

improv 2

WTJU moved us from Monday editions of Soundboard to their Friday editions (9-10 am 91.1 FM). This month featured recordings of Big Blue Door storytellers Michael Hays, Elizabeth Derby, Browning Porter and Emily Bolecek.


Thanks to everyone who has taken a class, come to a show, shared a story, worked the box office, offered us a venue, told a friend about us, or read about what we’re doing! If you haven’t gotten involved yet, Follow us here, like us on Facebook, come to a show, or take a class!


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