Thanks Big Show!

thanks big show Thanks everyone for a fantastic Big Blue Door Jam last night at the Woolly Mammoth with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘The Big Show!’ It was a big show indeed produced by the excellent Graelyn Brashear, and hosted by the excellent Jennifer Jones!

We had an incredible array of storytellers including five newcomers!

First-timer Lucas Gillenwater led us off with his coming-of-age story about playing binge-drinking-games with his dad.

Then veteran Tom Clay regaled us with a nautical tale of his first job captaining a chartered boat for what was to be the governor of New Jersey.

First-timer Charlie Gilliam shared his account of a bombing raid by his grandfather in WWII.

Another newcomer, Patsy Emmert, shared a harrowing scene from her waitress past that involved a gun pointed at her.

After the break, veteran Miller Murray Susen revealed how her mother’s love of director David O. Russell’s movies got her out of the house.

Veteran Rosemarie Harper chronicled the tragicomic chaos of online semi-long-distance dating with cancer while borrowing your ex-husband’s truck.

First-timer Tyler Frankeberg reported the lows and highs of a modern-day bellhop, er ‘bellman.’

Finally, newcomer Robert Packard took us from an ecstatic church group retreat off into Cosmos. The teevee show, that is.

Congratulations to Tyler for bringing home the jam!

Thanks to Lewis Reining on sound! Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams, Team We Don’t Have a Name, Team All By Myself, and Team It’s a Mystery! Thanks also to Nauder at the door, assisted by Brian! Thanks to April Muniz taking photos! We’ll have pictures up soon.

Thanks especially to the Woolly Mammoth where you can slate all your food, beverage, and motorcycle needs!

Meet us back at the Woolly Mammoth for our next Big Blue Door Jam on April 17th with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Obsession.’ Speaking of which, if you have a story about ‘Obsession’ sign up to share it! Meanwhile, come out to Four County Players on April 5th for our first-ever Big Blue Door 2 Door, featuring past Jam winners retelling some of their favorite stories! Line-up and info on that in the next couple of days.

Also please check out our upcoming Spring Classes!

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