Monday Kinda Late Show

Kinda Late Show

Monday, March 24th at 9pm at the Director’s Studio it’s a Kinda Late Show, but not too late. We had to cancel our Big Blue Door Unhinged due to snow, so we split it up into two shows! A Class Showcase at Live Arts on Wednesday, March 19th, and Big Blue Door’s Improv 2 Class Showcase on Monday, March 24th. Both shows free!

Our Improv 2 Cuts & Callbacks class of…

Tyler Frankenberg
Larry Goldstein

Nikolas Hayes
Maya Hislop
Stacie McCormack
Nauder Namaky

Deborah Prum
Jennifer Slate
Tu-An Truong
Brian Weisbord
Wes Young

Will be dividing into two teams. Each will perform a completely-impromptu and hilarious comedy form called a Living Room. Then the whole class will join together for a final Montage.

Living Room


It’s big fun in a small space at the Director’s Studio, upstairs at 1726 Allied St in the McIntyre Plaza.

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