Double Showcase Wednesday Night!

liveartsWednesday, March 19th starting at 8:30 pm take the elevator or stairs to the tip, tip top of the Live Arts building to see two class showcases in the Rehearsal A space: Telling True Stories at 8:30pm and Improv I at 9:15pm. Both shows are free!

true stories headline

8:30 features amazing true personal stories told by the Live Arts-sponsored Telling True Stories class of…

Bobbie Buxton
Tyler Frankenberg
Emily Kilroy
Rosemarie Harper

Broocks Willich

monolog decon


9:15 features longform improv comedy with two completely-impromptu and hilarious forms of improv, a Monolog Deconstruction and a Montage, both created by the Live Arts-sponsored Improv Character & Scene class of…

Mimi Halpern
Max Hoecker
Emily Iannuzzelli
Kirk Martini
Jason Megill
Venus Miller

Sonal Pandya
Jamie O’Connor
Erik Swanson

Both shows are on the top floor of the Live Arts building at 123 East Water Street in downtown Charlottesville. No tickets or reservations required.

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