Improv Runs

improv runs

Big Blue Door is very excited this year to be gearing up for regular runs of improv performances! We’ve had a blast teaching improv classes while getting an occasional-and-much-needed improv performance fix from class showcases here and there, but starting in June 2014 graduates of our improv program will form our first official ready-to-rumble BIG BLUE DOOR IMPROV TEAMS to present regular runs of longform improvised comedy!

Combining the fun of sketch comedy, the rich characters and situations of plays and movies, and the immediacy of true life, longform improv builds an entire universe on a bare stage right in front of the audience. Each show is entirely improvised from scratch–no clipboards, no huddling–and each show is totally unique, never seen before and never to be seen again. They said Big Blue Door was crazy to do true stories shows; wait to you Charlottesville sees real longform improv!

advanced harold 4 June 2014! This is the first and most famous longform. Inspired by an audience suggestion, the performers develop three story lines interspersed with group games that build and heighten and intertwine until they pull together into an explosive finish!

smallprov 2 August/September 2014! The antidote to both the summer heat and lots of people being on vacation: smallprov! Performers will be mixed and matched each week in two- and three-person teams to present an evening of intense and riveting comedy. When the official run is over performers will be encouraged to take their new skills  into small venues throughout the area. Like comedy ninjas they might take over the world!

monoscene 3 Late fall 2014! Improvisers bring to life a place based on the audience’s suggestion and fill that place with hilarious characters, strange situations, and surprising connections! Watch a room, a neighborhood, perhaps an entire city materialize in front of your eyes!

Are you interested in performing in future improv shows? We’d love to have you. Sign up for our spring classes!

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