Big Blue Door Unhinged

Unhinged final


Monday, March 17th come celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day with three shows for only $5 (Cash only)! It’s big fun in a small space at the Director’s Studio, upstairs on Allied St in the McIntyre Plaza. That’s three shows, all for only $5! Stay for one, or stay for them all!

7:30pm True Stories Class Showcase

8:15pm Improv I Class Showcase

9pm Improv II Class Showcase

true stories headline

7:30 The night starts with amazing true stories told by the Live Arts-sponsored Telling True Stories class of…

Bobbie Buxton
Tyler Frankenberg
Emily Kilroy
Rosemarie Harper

Broocks Willich

monolog decon


8:15 Improv comedy kicks off with two completely-impromptu and hilarious forms of improv, a Monolog Deconstruction and a Montage, both created by the Live Arts-sponsored Improv Character & Scene class of…

Mimi Halpern
Max Hoecker
Emily Iannuzzelli
Kirk Martini
Jason Megill
Venus Miller

Sonal Pandya
Jamie O’Connor
Erik Swanson

Living Room


At 9pm the last group divides into two teams, each presenting a completely-impromptu and hilarious comedy form called a Living Room, then joining together for another quick, final Montage. This is our Improv 2 Cuts & Callbacks class of…

Tyler Frankenberg
Larry Goldstein

Nikolas Hayes
Maya Hislop
Stacie McCormack
Nauder Namaky

Deborah Prum
Jennifer Slate
Tu-An Truong
Brian Weisbord
Wes Young

What better way to spend your St. Patrick’s Day?!

st patrick big blue door

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